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All fabrics from Nadja Wedin design are printed to order. Normally, you can count on 1-2 weeks delivery time after ordering. If the fabric is needed for a specific date, we need to know that in order to plan the printing. Enter this in the comments field when paying at checkout. Should it not be possible to satisfy a specified request for delivery, you have the right to cancel the order.

News: Now you can also order ready-made curtains with Nadja's pattern. You can find the order page here .

Mönstrade tyger

Patterned design fabric from Nadja Wedin design

Please note that all fabrics you find here are sold in units of 0.5 meters, so if you want two meters of fabric, for example, you need to order four in the shopping cart (4x0.5 m = 2 m).

The fabrics are available in two qualities, Velvet and Linoso. Both are digitally printed and certified according to the OEKO-TEX-100 standard. This means that the colors meet high demands with low limit values ​​for harmful chemicals. The colors are approved for use in, for example, baby clothes and children's sheets.

Velvet: a soft but firm furniture fabric with velvet pile, can also be used for cushions and draperies. 100% polyester. Wear resistance 60,000 Martindale (Md). 15,000 Md is sufficient as furniture fabric in a home environment, 30,000 Md is often required for public environments. Good properties against sun fading: 4 on a scale where 6 is the highest rating. Abrasion against pimples (pilling): 3-4 out of 5 (wet) 4 (dry). Fabric width 140 cm, weight 370 g/sqm. Fire rated: BS5852. Washing instructions: Machine wash 40°, synthetic fiber wash or dry clean.

Linoso: a heavy upholstery fabric with a texture like a woven linen fabric. 100% polyester. Fire rated which makes it also suitable for environments with fire protection requirements. With an abrasion resistance of 93,500 Md, the fabric is one of the most durable among furniture fabrics. Sun fading 5-6 out of 6. Pilling: 4 (wet) 5 (dry) out of 5. Fabric width 145 cm, weight 305 g/sq.m. Washing instructions: Machine wash 40°, synthetic fiber wash or dry clean.

We use plain Linoso as the backing fabric on many of the cushions.

Buy fabric online

Ordering fabric online is easy and convenient, and here you get access to a large selection of patterned fabrics. As we wrote above, we compress orders and therefore cannot give an exact date for delivery. But if you have any questions before placing an order, you are most welcome to email .