Collection: Entrance mats

A top quality entrance rug that will last year after year. The mat is made of durable polyamide with a rubberized back, which means that the mat lies firmly in place inside the door.

The carpet is machine-woven in Belgium and no toxic chemicals are used in the production.

The entrance mat is 90 x 60 cm in size and it is perfectly possible to rinse it off or wash it in a machine at 30 degrees if it has become dirty.

Further down the page, you can read more about how I finally got to design my own rugs.


A few years ago I was contacted by a Swedish company that manufactures carpets. "We wonder if we can make some rugs with your patterns," was the question. Of course I wanted to.

Once upon a time, I actually worked myself at Kasthall, another Swedish company that makes carpets. Admittedly only as an office assistant. But we had a nice working relationship, and there I had the privilege of becoming friends with Kasthall's fantastic designer Gunilla Lagerhem-Ullberg. And a few years later, Gunilla was one of the first to encourage me to invest in art.

So since then it has always been a bit of a secret dream to make your own carpet.

And - take that! - the dream came through! Not a big hand-tufted rug like the ones Gunilla made, but you have to start somewhere. In any case, it has been two durable entrance mats in collaboration with the carpet company Inhouse Group.

Both rugs are made from drawings that I drew a long time ago, before I even considered that art was something that you could possibly make a living from. I was pregnant with our daughter Alice (who is now 14 years old!) and with pregnancy-swollen legs, I couldn't do much other than half-lying on the couch in front of the TV and doodling.

My whole artistry actually started there, with what I usually call advanced phone doodling. I just let the pen go with no other thoughts than filling out the paper. It became flowers and bubbles, insects and grains of wheat, very naive at first.

But the pile of scribbled papers grew and eventually there were also more "motives" in the drawings. I also started to color in my "scribble", and on the rug "Ladybugs" you can see the result of one of my earliest drawings.

The other rug depicts Tiger who was my niece Isabel's beloved cat, who passed away a long time ago. But now he is still here in the form of the carpet Catzy, and welcomes us home, every day.