Collection: Coasters

Glass coasters don't just have to be practical to the extent that they prevent the glass or mug from leaving marks on the table surface - they can also liven up the setting. Here you will find my wooden coasters in different colors and shapes. Hope you find someone you like!

Coasters in wood - functional and durable

All my coasters are made in Sweden from high-quality and durable birch laminate. All coasters you find here are designed to withstand everyday use. And a significant advantage is that the coasters can be easily washed in the dishwasher. So you never have to worry about stains or spills on the mats - it goes away as easily as possible.

As with all my products, it is the pattern that is the origin and then it has become, in this case, coasters from it. And my hope is that you will want to display my coasters the next time you get the chance. The idea is that it should add a little pop of color to the interior.

Different shapes 

Here you will find coasters in two different shapes and three different sizes. On the one hand, you will find some coasters that are square in shape and measure 9 x 9 cm. But you will also find round coasters that either measure 9 cm or 11 cm in diameter.

Designed coasters

As I wrote above, it is always the pattern and the art that is the origin of everything you find here. And regardless of whether it's when I'm drinking a cup of tea myself or having a dinner at home, I always like to have decor that makes me happy or cheers me up in some way - and then something as small as a coaster can be a work of art in itself .

Above you see which different designs are currently available as coasters. But I don't think it's impossible that we will manufacture in more other designs in the future.

And here you can see my Trivets and placemats which can certainly complete the table setting.

Different colors 

If you've been here before, you know that it's no secret that I love the colors of nature and draw a large part of my inspiration from there. And here you will find coasters regardless of whether it is black and white you are looking for, or bursting with color such as Wagtails Spring and Bugs and Butterflies.