Collection: Duvet & Bed set

Patterned Duvet Cover

If you buy two bedding sets, you get two art prints of your choice at no extra cost. See the art prints here.

In addition to duvet covers being lovely to sleep in, it doesn't hurt if they are also nice - and I hope you think mine are. Here you will find several of my patterns that we have now finally been able to launch here. All duvet sets are made from a cotton percale with a thread density of 300 threads per inch and consist of a duvet cover measuring 150x210 cm and two pillowcases measuring 60x50 cm. Snap buttons at the bottom make the duvet stay in the duvet cover.

Påslakan & Bäddset

Designing your own duvet cover

Ever since I was allowed to start making bedding for Hemtex, I have dreamed of being able to do it in our own company as well. But it requires a fairly large investment to manufacture a product such as bedding, and we have not ventured into this until now, given that it could be costly if it didn't work. But at some point you have to dare, and now we're doing it, make or break, because I'd regret it if we never even tried.

So now I can finally make a bed here at home with some of the patterns on the website. I can honestly say that it was a bit difficult to choose which patterns to choose like this the first time we try. It's a bit like choosing or opting out of some of your children. Because my designs are a bit like that, my creative children. I remember how they came about, how I felt the day I finished a pattern and what inspired me at that moment.

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to check off a dream and it makes you continue to dare believe in yourself, because those of you who follow me know how I struggle with self-confidence on and off, how one day you can feel on top, only to fall into some non-creative black hole the next. But today it feels fantastic and tonight I will crawl into bed, surrounded by my designs and then I will sleep well and dream that you will love these as much as I do. /Nadja