Collection: Cushion covers

No, I'm not very fond of plain-colored sofa cushions. Here you will find all the cushion covers with my designs. All the cushion covers are made in Sweden and are available in velvet. Each cushion cover is 48x48 centimeters, fitting inner cushions of 50x50 centimeters.

Kuddfodral Flores Nadja Wedin design

Patterned Cushion Covers

Patterned cushion covers are a very simple way to add color to the sofa corner and give your home a unique look. Here you will find a variety of patterns inspired by nature (among other things). Depending on the pattern you choose and the decor you have at home, you can create a wonderful feeling in the room.

Checkered patterns are common, but you won't find much of them here. However, if you like patterns in various colors with animals and plants, then you've come to the right place.

Depending on the feeling you want to create or have where you want the cushion covers, the color plays a big role. Darker and deeper colors like gray, beige, and navy blue can help create a relaxing and calm feeling in the room - while lighter colors like pink, yellow, and green can liven up a room. Above, you will find cushion covers in all different colors - so whatever feeling you are after, you can find a patterned cushion cover in the right color here.

Update with new cushion covers

One advantage of having a bunch of cushion covers is that you can easily vary your decor. Perhaps you have different cushion covers depending on the season, or simply want to update your decor without having to do any major work or changes.

Velvet cushion covers

Several of the cushion covers you find here are made of velvet in Sweden. Velvet is a material that is considered elegant and luxurious. But it's also a soft fabric whose soft surface provides a sense of relaxation and warmth.

So, if you want to create a wonderful feeling in your home, patterned cushion covers in velvet could definitely be something to consider. Hopefully, you'll find something here that you like!