Veckan efter Formex

The week after Formex

Now we have managed one more Formex fair, I think it was my 12th fair and I don't include the only time we were at the furniture fair at the beginning of our "career" and all the times we were at Nordic Gardens and Hem & Villamässan, which, unlike the trade fair Formex, is aimed at private individuals.So little routine we are finally starting to get. Lars is always first in line.He paints, wallpaper, lays floors and sets up shelving systems and lighting.In the picture above on the right is a wallpaper with my new pattern "Miramar", which I made together with Engblad & Co.Then it's time to fill the empty stand with things, that's when I come into the picture, because if I were to participate in the entire construction process, I wouldn't be able to attend the fair itself.

When we have collected everything from the warehouse, it is like putting together a big puzzle with our products.Not all patterns and colors fit, we have to sleep so that it doesn't get too overloaded, then the things kill each other.And although I always have the feeling that we won't get it together, it still works out in the end, and what we've chosen fits nicely on the shelves.This year we were home already at nine o'clock the night before the fair started, we have never finished so early before.

What I think is the absolute best thing about the fairs are all the nice meetings with colleagues and customers.But you are quite exhausted after these four days, both physically and mentally, meeting so many people and being social is as much fun as it can be hard.But I'm happy that I can manage to participate so much anyway.

Gather inspiration at Formex

During the fair, I always think that I should walk around and gather inspiration.But I've given up on that idea now, I get a little more stressed than inspired by Formex, at least when it comes to my own creativity.Can get a little mild performance anxiety actually.So it turns out that I stay in my own stand and then I get my inspiration elsewhere.

Now I'm going to try to recover from a stubborn cold that I probably caught from someone I hugged at the fair, and then we're actually going to be at the furniture fair again, Stockholm furniture & Light fair, which starts on the sixth February.At a late stage, we got a place on an area for smaller design studios, and there we will show that in addition to smaller items such as cushions, trays, coasters and the things we mainly show to the Formex visitors, I also make fabrics, wallpapers and other things that just as much turn towards the public environment.Among other things, we have developed a fabric that is suitable for environments that require fire classification.The idea is that at the furniture fair, which is also primarily a trade fair, we should meet new types of customers, such as architects and decorators, and convince them that in the midst of all the stripped-down and monochromatic things that usually dominate public spaces, it can be nice to enliven with an explosion of color and pattern.

Thankfully, it will only be a small booth this time, 3×3 meters.It is the same size as when I exhibited at my first Formex fair and about a third of the stand in the pictures above.It's going to be exciting, even if, among other things, due to this persistent cold right now, I'm honestly not too excited to be at a fair this close to Formex.

p.s.I want to remind you that through January all my "followers" have 20% off everything in my shop .Use the discount code "nyheter20" at checkout.d.s.

And you can actually visit me at the furniture fair.On the last day, Saturday 10 February, the fair is open to the public.My little booth is at the bottom of the aisle between the A and B halls, in the area called the "Design Studio Area".My booth number is AG:56.You can find ticketshere.

Maybe we'll see you there.

Hello so long! 

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