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Ingela Lundwall made a flamingo from fabric from Nadja Wedin Design

A while ago we wrote about furniture upholsterer Charlotta Lundin who won an award in recycling when she designed a chaise longue from our fabric Catzy. And that is one of the most fun things there is - to see patterns from Nadja Wedin Design to live on in new exciting forms and environments.

One who has fabric, creation and design as a common thread throughout her life is Ingela Lundwall. She is a trained decorator, what is today called a "visual merchandiser". Today she is self-employed and mostly works as an interior designer for companies and private individuals.

   – To some extent it is because I live and have my base in Sundsvall, then you have to be a little inventive. It is good then to have many creative legs to stand on. Since there aren't too many shops, I can't just sign windows, then I can also work with scenography or props, she says.

“Want to create worlds”

And it was for the store Inredningshuset, which has fabrics from Nadja Wedin Design, in Sundsvall that Ingela used the fabric "Flower Power" to create a flamingo for the store's summer signage.

   – Personally, I have always liked flamingos as an interior detail and as animals. And when I was planning for this signage, I wanted to include a flamingo and for that, this fabric pattern was perfect.

   – When I make interiors, I want to create worlds, I want to have as a theme for a room.

What is clear about Ingela is that she has many creative projects in her drawer - something that means there is always something to work on or tinker with.

- My own style when I illustrate is a bit similar to Nadja's fabrics - I like to draw animals and nature more than people, so my style is in the same direction.

   – But then, with different assignments, I can decide a bit myself. As with the signage at Inredningshuset - then I decided that I wanted a dressed-up flamingo and then you get the opportunity to test it, then it was just a matter of driving. Then it took a little time, but everything goes well with a glue gun and staple gun.

How did you discover Nadja Wedin Design?

   – I've been keeping up with her and her designs for a long time, seeing her at Formex and such. Then they had her fabric at Inredningshuset and since I did a signage for them, I only worked with fabrics that they sold.

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