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This thing about age

This thing about age

"Age is just a number on a piece of paper"

" you are not older than you make yourself out to be"

”50 is the new 30”

Yes, that's the kind of thing you say and hear when you're 50+, and it's both truths and lies at the same time, because age isn't just something that's in my passport, it's the plain truth, and you can must be older than you look!

I haven't had a lot of crises because of my age over the years, and I don't know if I do now either, mostly I think it's a bit unnecessary that time goes by so fast these days. After all, I have mostly had a physical crisis due to accidents and illness, so I have felt like 100 years old even though I was "only" about 40, so maybe I haven't had time to have a crisis precisely because of my age.

"Age is just a number on a piece of paper"

I'm probably stuck in my 30s, I think. I haven't developed any other taste in clothing, and I enjoy listening to the music I listened to already when I was thirteen.

The other night I was at Katy Perry's concert in the Globe, and then I felt like 15 years old. I wanted to stand on the chairs and tap dance, but obediently sat down until the last three songs, then I stood up and danced away. Music is probably the area where I "keep up" the most, it's where I find strength and energy, by listening to good music.

The reason I wanted to write a little about this age thing is because I borrowed our nine-year-old daughter's pink shampoo, which didn't stick to her hair at all, but on my bleached it turned out like this, yes you see the pictures, really pink! So at her graduation, it was me and all the nine-year-old little girls who had pink hair and there were some joking comments about age crisis and more.

"you are not older than you make yourself out to be"

And maybe that's what I have now, a bit of an age crisis! Not such a difficult crisis, but more the feeling that I'm so old now that I don't have to do what is expected of a 51-year-old. If I want torn jeans and pink hair, I have it, if I want to buy clothes based on my taste and not what is expected of 50+ women, I will! Because I think about it a bit now when I shop for clothes: can I wear this? Can I have my hair like this? Can I?

I'm sure some of the younger generation look at me and my temporary pink hair and think I'm pathetic and think I'm pretending to be younger than I am. But it kind of doesn't matter, I know I'm not younger than I am, and yes, I'd probably like to be a little younger but mostly to have more time to do things I haven't done in my life.

”50 is the new 30”

A lot of years have been kind of lost because of the injury I suffered when I fell on the ice a bunch of years ago, and because of the autoimmune nerve disease that occupied a lot of my time when it hit me a few years ago . But on the other hand, lots of good things have happened that might not have happened if I hadn't skated on that Valentine's Day 15 years ago. That's how life looks, it's shaped daily by both one's own choices, and by unfortunate and fortunate circumstances, and one should be happy for every second!

So I'll probably have pink hair for a while longer, I'll wear my jeans with holes in the knees and then I'll stretch and thank life that I still have both hair and knees to show off 

Thank you for reading and for your patience with my scattered blog posts!



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