Bugs and Butterflies 10 år - så kom mönstret till

Bugs and Butterflies 10 years - that's how the pattern came about

Pattern, an exercise at the art school I went to, I thought it was quite boring and I just wanted to paint on my big oil paintings. But something stuck anyway, a few years later when I was heavily pregnant and drawing on the sofa because I couldn't do anything else, I started to see patterns in my drawings. So after a little help from my former "maje" I refreshed my skills from art school and then my first pattern was precisely "Bugs and Butterflies". And this time I thought it was so fun and inspiring to create a flow of my cartoon butterflies and flowers. And in the end it also happened that we made both pillows and trays with Bugs & Butterflies, once we decided to start our company Nadja Wedin design and exhibit at the Formex fair for the first time.

It was such a wonderful feeling to hold a tray in your hand, put your head on a velvet pillow and there were my designs on it, and it was as if the drawings took on another life, a completely new function in that they were on a thing that I could touch, and the excitement when we were going to launch these on our then fairly simple website was so exciting, to be at Formex for the first time and meet potential customers was so great. And the meeting went well, you liked the pattern and it has since been included in our now slightly larger range. But "Bugs and Butterflies" will forever be the start of this journey with our company. After all, we were completely inexperienced when we decided to start, we had to learn how to do things along the way and we are still learning. Now we have managed for 10 years and now we aim for another 10 years!

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