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Nadja Wedin design

Fabric Purple vein

Fabric Purple vein

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NOTE! All fabrics are sold in 0.5 meters. For example, if you want two (2) meters of fabric, you need to add four to the basket.

colors: blue, offwhite

report: wxh 50x64 cm

vertically half offset 32 ​​cm

The fabrics are available in two qualities, Velvet and Linoso. Both are digitally printed and certified according to the OEKO-TEX-100 standard. This means that the colors meet high demands with low limit values ​​for harmful chemicals. The colors are approved for use in, for example, baby clothes and children's sheets.

Velvet: a soft velvet fabric suitable for cushions, curtains but also furniture. 100% polyester. Wear resistance 50,000 Martindale (Md). 15,000 Md is sufficient as furniture fabric in a home environment, 30,000 Md is often required for public environments. Good properties against sun fading: 5-6 on a scale where 6 is the highest rating. Abrasion against pimples (pilling): 4-5 out of 5. Fabric width 147 cm, weight 230 g/sq.m. We use Velvet in our velvet cushions for the nice feel of the fabric and it is also used by many furniture upholsterers.

Linoso: a strong furniture fabric with a texture like a woven linen fabric. 100% polyester. Fire rated which makes it also suitable for environments with fire protection requirements. With an abrasion resistance of 93,500 Md, the fabric is one of the most durable among furniture fabrics. Sun fading 5-6 out of 6. Pilling: 4-5 out of 5. Fabric width 145 cm, weight 305 g/sq.m. We use plain Linoso as the backing fabric on many of the cushions.

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We ship your goods within 24 hours of placing the order. The exception is fabrics and furniture made to order.

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