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Table stand for tray tables

Table stand for tray tables

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The tray tables consist of one or two trays combined with a collapsible leg stand made of spray-painted steel. The stands, like the trays, are of high quality, they are made in Sweden and they can withstand standing outside. The tray tables are available in three sizes, 38, 46 and 65 cm diameter. The two largest stands are available both as a single stand for a single tray on top or as a double stand for two trays.

The stand for the 46 cm trays is 50 cm high and the stand for the 38 and 65 cm trays is 53 cm high. The fact that the height differs means that you can create a set table from two tray tables, either one with a diameter of 38 cm and one with a diameter of 46 cm, or one with a diameter of 46 cm and one with a diameter of 65 cm.

The stands are available in the colors black and white.

Please note that the stands are intended for trays made by Formpress, which makes Nadja Wedin's trays. We cannot take responsibility for fit and function if you choose to use the stands for trays other than those for which they are intended.

NOTE! On this page, you only order the stand itself, and then you order any tray(s) under the "Trays" tab. The images with trays on the racks only show some examples.

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