Collection: Docksta shoe factory & Nadja Wedin design

I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to make slippers with my own design in collaboration with the ancient Docksta shoe factory! The model is their classic Gunilla, a leather shoe open at the heel with laminated velvet fabric and a cork sole. The shoe can be used outdoors in the summer just as well as indoors.

The first pattern I made for Docksta was Ångermanland, a tribute to the landscape where Docksta is located, in the heart of the High Coast, where I spent many summers. And now this year, my pattern Parrot is also available as slippers.

When you buy Docksta shoes, you get two art prints of your choice at no extra cost. The price is automatically adjusted at checkout. See the art prints here.

Docksta skofabrik & Nadja Wedin design