Definition of terms and conditions: General and special arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules, specifications, and standards that form an integral part of an agreement or contract.


An agreement on purchase is entered when you choose to place an order from the checkout page. An order confirmation is then automatically generated. Should there be any inaccuracy regarding price, delivery time etc, we reserve the right to correct this after the order is placed. If you are not satisfied with our correction you have the right to cancel your order without any costs attached.

Nadja Wedin design enter agreements only with persons of age or underaged with permission from parent.

Coupons: the same coupon can be used only once per person.


25 % VAT is included in the price if nothing else is stated.

You can pay with credit card or PayPal. We accept payment with VISA, Mastercard and American Express. We use 3D-Secure, which is a security standard developed by VISA (Verified by Visa) and Mastercard (Mastercard Secure Code) for payments over Internet. The transfer in case of purchase by card is made with SSL encryption, to ensure that your details are safe, both before an order is processed and when it is stored in our database.

Please note that the total sum of your order will be withdrawn from your account as you approve the transaction, even if your order can’t be delivered immediately.


Delivery time is normally 3-5 working days for orders within Sweden. This is not valid for custom made items such as funiture or fabrics, as we do not keep those in stock.

Longer delivery time can occur if an ordered product is out of stock.

Deliveries outside Sweden are normally 5-10 working days.


For private consumers swedish Consumers Purchase Act and Distance contracts Act applies. You can read more about your rights as a consumer at swedish authority Konsumentverket.


In order to be able to shop from our webshop you are obliged to fill in information in all fields that are marked as required (*) on the Checkout page.  If we do not have your email address we can for instance not notify you about delivery delaysor if any part of your order cannot be fulfilled.

The personal information that you provide us with is used for order management, billing, marketing and other reasons to make our webshop function as good as possible. We never pass on your personal information to any third part.


There’s no minimum order value applied.


Most orders are sent by freight carrier DHL to be picked up at their agent, called Service Point, after a delivery note is sent to you by email or to stated cellphone number. For furniture the delivery is agreed upon between the buyer and the freight carrier.


As a private consumer you have the right to cancel an order before it is sent to you. This does not apply to custom orders such as furniture and fabrics, where the order or for furniture the order confirmation is binding.


In order to prevent a return delivery, your order must be collected at the Service Point within 14 days after delivery to the Service Point agent. If an order is returned to us due to neglected collection within stipulated time, we charge a return fee of 395 SEK (VAT incl) to cover the expenses of administration and return fees.


In order to complain a transport damage we have to report the damage to the freight carrier within three days of collection at the Service Point. Therefor we are grateful if you report a transport damage immediately after collection. This applies for both visible (on package) and non visible damage. For this reason it’s important that you unpack and control the product as soon as possible after delivery.

If the damage is visible the best way is to report directly to the Service Point agent (or the freight carrier if there has been a direct delivery). Ask the agent/freight carrier to make a note of your damage report on your waybill or in the cargo handling system. Always keep the packaging so the complaint can be managed correctly.


All ordered products is the property of Nadja Wedin design until all payment is fulfilled and recognized by us.

Terms and Conditions


To complain an incorrect or damaged product we ask you to contact us immediately after the fault is discovered. Declare the order number and reason for complaint. We replace the product free of charge, provided that the product is available. If we can’t replace the product we reimburse your expenses after receiving the damaged or incorrect product.

According to the Distance Contact Act private consumers have the right to regret a purchase within 14 days. Custom ordered products are excepted from this right. At Nadja Wedin design this exception can be applicable on furniture and fabrics.

The right to regret a purchase is not valid for companies.

The right to regret is valid only if the product and the package is returned unspoiled. The product must not be used, but the package may be opened carefully.

The cost for return freight when regret is claimed is payed by the buyer. Refund is made as soon as the product is received and the return is approved.

How to make a return:

  1. Contact us by mail at or by phone +46-451-23339 and ask for a return freight shipping label. You can also use the standard form from Konsumentverket to exert the right of return. You find the standard form here.
  2. Pack the product properly. Use the original package and a transport wrapping matching the one used for delivery to you. Don’t forget to attach a note with contact information together with the reason for return.
  3. Send the product using the return shipping label.

Our return address is

Nadja Wedin Design
c/o: Gåvan
280 22 Vittsjö


We practice the Consumers Purchase Act of the right to reclaim, which stipulates that you have the right to reclaim a faulty product within three year after the purchase. This presuppose that normal advice of care and normal diligence is observed.

If you want to reclaim a product please contact us by mail or phone +46-708678986, and we’ll help you through. You’ll be asked to provide us with pictures by mail where the irregularity is clearly visible. When the complaint is recognized and approved we send you a return shipping label. When we have received the reclaimed product we investigate it and send you a replacement.


Events out of our control, which reasonably cannot be anticipated, will be related as force majeure. This imply that Nadja Wedin design is exempted from its obligations to fulfill entered agreements.


We reserve the right of changing information without further notice. By the event of end of sales, or if a product is taken out of production, we claim the right to cancel the purchase and refund the buyer.


According to the law of electronic communication (applied 25 of July 2003), all visitors of a website that uses cookies shall be informed about this fact.

We use cookies.

A so called session-cookie is stored in your computer in order to let the products that you want to buy to be placed in your shopping cart, and so that you can log in to the right account. The cookie does not contain any personal information. If you want to shop at, you must have cookies enabled in your browser.


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