Tray table stand

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Foldable stand for trays to make a neat tray table. The stand is made in Sweden of high quality powder coated steel, durable for outdoor use.

There are three sizes, 38 cm (~14,9 inches), 46 cm (~18,1 inches) and 65 cm (~25,6 inches) diameter. The largest two are optional for one or two trays.

  • The stand for 46 cm (~18,1 inches) are 50 cm (~19,7 inches) high.
  • The stands for 65 cm (~25,6 inches) and 38 cm (~14,9 inches) are 53 cm (~20,9 inches) high. This makes it possible to create a batch table by combining either a 38 cm tray table with a 46 cm tray table, or a 46 cm tray table with a 65 cm tray table.

Note: Combine your tray table with stand and your own choise of tray/trays,  ordered separately. Trays on picture are only samples and not to be ordered on this side.

Also note that the stands are made to fit trays from the manufacturer that produce Nadja Wedin design trays. We cannot be held responsible for functionality if you choose to use the stand with other trays than ours.

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38 cm (~15 inches), 46 cm (~18,1 inches), 46×38 cm (~18,1×14,9 inches), 65 cm (~25,6 inches), 65×46 cm (~25,6×18,1 inches)