Fabric - Pride


The fabrics are available in Velvet. The pattern are digitally printed and certified according to OEKO-TEX-100-standard, which means they don’t contain chemicals in  quantities hazardous to health.

Velvet: a soft fabric suitable for cushions, curtains but also for upholstery. 100 % polyester. Abrasion resistance 50 000 Martindale (Md). 15 000 is enough for fabrics in homes, 30 000 Md for office use. Sunbleach: 5-6 on a scale where 6 is top grade. Pilling: 4-5 of 5. width: 147 cm weight: 230 GSM. We use this fabric in our velvet cushion covers for its soft feeling, and it’s also valued amongst many upholsterers.

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Black, Offwhite