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“It all started with a drawing: a comment from a friend: ”that would do great on a fabric!”.
And that is still often the way a pattern appears: I draw without intention and try to not limit myself with thoughts about hows and whys and what is possible to repeat and what colours fits together. I just go crazy with details and colours.
My working method is rather time consuming as I draw with very much details. One single drawing can take some 80 hours to finish. But meanwhile I draw, a pattern starts to take form somewhere in the back of my head, and the next step is to pick the raisins from the cake and compose them into a repeatable pattern.

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  1. Tracie Sawrey

    Hi Nadja
    Do you have any of your colouring books “Birds and Flowers” available to buy. I saw the book on YouTube and fell in love with the art work.

    1. Lars

      Hello Tracie, thank you for your kind words! Unfortunately the colouring book is sold out from the publisher a long time ago, and regretfully I didn’t buy copies enough to sell myself. /Nadja

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