Wallpaper collaboration with Engblad & Co

About a year ago I was at the big trend day with the phenomenal and very funny Stefan Nilsson, he who knows all the trends in the world. I, who actually have zero knowledge of trends and what is "in" and "out" in design, colors and patterns, thought that it might be good to learn a little from the master. All said and done, we went into town and there I meet many people I've gotten to know over the years, mostly when I exhibit at the Formex fair.

It was, as usual, a very entertaining and interesting lecture, he is a master at capturing one's interest and you become inspired and a little paralyzed at the same time, when you realize how damn many people there are who are doing what I do, but then in all areas, clothes, furniture, knick-knacks, yes you name it!

At the end of the lecture, a woman from Engblad & Co came on stage and told us about how they picked up really old designs from their archive for their upcoming collection. We got to see original paintings for wallpaper from the past, incredibly beautiful. Suddenly I see a color scale and similarities to a pattern I had just made, "Purple Vein", Lars and I looked at each other and we probably both thought, how can I release this at the same time?!

After the lecture, Lars thinks we should go forward and introduce ourselves and show the fabric that we had with us in the bag for some reason, as usual I felt a bit shy and not quite up to showing off what I had done, but Lars left while I was talking to a friend, and after a while I see how he waves to me to come. Then followed a very pleasant conversation and a request for a possible collaboration and I must say that I am happy that I have a partner who has no barriers when it comes to making contact with people 

So after a few weeks, Lars and I took the car down to Borås and met the girls at Engblads & Co, we brainstormed some ideas based on all my drawings I had with me, and we came to the conclusion that it would be a water pattern , which I think was a perfect fit as I have done one in ink which I did not launch myself. Once at home, I started painting fish, algae and corals in watercolour, it turned out nice with the slightly more transparent expression as it would become a water pattern.

Now I finally get to show off the result, the wallpaper "Miramar" which is included in Engblad & Co's luxurious wallpaper book "Lounge Luxe". Am so proud to have included a pattern there. The wallpaper is available in a slightly cool, silver shade and in a cocky golden. Thank you to everyone at Engblad & Co for the trust to make a pattern for you, it feels like an honor to be a designer among all the talented ones you have collaborated with.

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