Ivy - Nadja Wedin design

The inspiration for my pattern "Ivy"

Some call it junk birds, birds like chaffinch, house sparrows or pigeons - and that is the starting point of the "Ivy" pattern. I think they are underrated, and in this pattern I place the urban birds in a different environment. Instead of being in an ordinary square, they are now placed in a more exotic environment, with palm trees and a feeling of the Mediterranean.

The first thing I started with on “Ivy” was the pigeon, I sat and drew it about exactly a year ago, in the booth at the Möbelmässan, mostly just to have something to do and a little to show the visitors how I work. There are so many people who think that you do everything on the computer, and they are genuinely surprised when they see that I only draw with ordinary pens. I actually got the inspiration for the flowers from Christmas roses, even though they don't look at all like you imagine Christmas roses. After the dove and flowers came everything.

I like this pattern because it brings something new to my collection. "Ivy" is a bit calmer and a more muted pattern than many of my others - and that's exactly how I wanted it. Ivy is available in four background colors: grey, green, off-white and pink, with my personal favorite being the green one.
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